We partnered with Asahi Group to transform their London Pride brand, giving it the scale, value and relevance that it deserves in the UK and the global ale category. Our work included refreshing the brand’s purpose, provenance story, brand idea and the brand’s in-market presence and experience. All of these elements were crystallised through a new comms idea for the brand.

‘Taste the Pride’ was born from the idea that pride has to be earned – it is not handed on a plate, it takes enduring effort.

Heroing the steps taken to achieve a real sense of pride, the idea is rooted in both the product and the pub experience, as cask ale demands far more effort to produce and care for than many drinkers realise. Our platform has true longevity as it lends itself equally to future comms about drinkers, culture, and sports (including the brand’s current London Marathon sponsorship).

Developed in collaboration with liquid photographer David Lund and pub signwriter Nick Garrett, the first stage of our campaign roots the product in London pub culture. This visually showcased London Pride in a truly stunning, dynamic way – never seen before in ale or traditional beer marketing. It not only transforms the way the brand is viewed and consumed, but also the way that beer drinkers view ale.

The campaign was brought to life across OOH, trade mentoring programmes and social media.