We partnered with The Endorphin Dealer Institute (a.k.a. Edi) to launch both their brand and their signature hemp-based variant.

Our task wasn’t simply to launch a new product, but rather to establish a whole new category of drinks – alcohol-free distilled endorphin spirits.

Working in close collaboration with Edi’s team (an independent start-up featuring a number of drinks industry big hitters), we helped to build the brand from scratch.

Together, we’ve built a robust brand strategy for their global Institute, developed a distinctive visual world, and delivered clear, powerful DTC launch comms.

Our creative platform was born from Edi’s own future facing idealism. They innovate luxury drinking experiences designed to unlock good feelings without the downsides of alcohol. So the visual style we developed communicates joy, evoking the way that happiness flourishes when everything is in balance.

We’ve built everything from scratch, which means it is all joined up, end-to-end:

– Launch strategy planning for comms, activation and eCommerce

– Articulating the consumer proposition for their product and category

– Landing a compelling core creative idea

– Building a full Shopify store, in line with CBD regulations

– Launching an influencer and consumer-led liquid trial campaign

– Building buzz in both consumer and trade PR

– On-going social content creation and community management

– Establishing a variant and range strategy for future growth