Ballantine’s 7 Bourbon Finish is no ordinary whisky. The new, cool and confident addition to the Ballantine’s range mixes the classic depth of scotch with the sweetness of bourbon. It is a celebration of the best of both worlds; bringing together whisky’s two heavyweight industries in a way that everyone can enjoy.

To launch the new whisky consistently to consumers and bartenders all over the world, Ballantine’s 7 needed an equally fresh approach for its whisky tasting programme.

Enter ‘Ballantine’s 7. Tasting In Reverse’ – the world’s first ever backwards tasting.

Forget the conventional ‘Grain to Glass’ approach. Our ‘Tasting In Reverse’ experience starts by putting an Old Fashioned – the most requested Bourbon cocktail globally – into the audience’s hands before deconstructing it step-by-step.

By breaking the Ballantine’s 7 Old Fashioned down bit-by-bit, audiences come to appreciate why this whisky is so special. The programme showcases how Ballantine’s 7 offers the perfect evolution of this classic drink, before giving the chance for guests to try and make one themselves, bringing some real theatre to the experience.

Deliverables for the interactive programme included a script and PPT presentation for both a long-form (1hr) and short-form (15min) sessions; a script for a 30-min PR launch via Zoom; a unique ‘backwards’ Tasting Mat design; and Session Guide for global Brand Ambassadors to understand how to run a tasting.

“The virtual tasting was, without a doubt, the most impressive virtual cocktail experience I’ve yet had the pleasure to take part in. Clearly a lot of care and thought went into it”

Chris Coates, Editor of Whisky Magazine
(attendee to 30min PR Launch via Zoom)